Decoding China’s leadership reshuffle
Less than two weeks remain until the Communist Party’s Congress in Beijing. Photo: AP
Party congress to zero in on China’s direction for next 5 years – and beyond
Opinion | China-Russia ‘no limits’ partnership is still going strong
29 Sep 2022 - 9:15AM
China Briefing | Xi’s anti-graft drive has become more political, and the fight’s far from over

Nearly 5 million party members have been caught in China’s anti-corruption dragnet over the past decade. Yet a decisive victory still looks elusive, despite claims to the contrary.

17 Sep 2022 - 9:00AM
China Briefing | Is China closing its doors? Its leaders say no, but actions would speak louder

Fierce debate over a recent academic article on China’s closed-door policies of the past lays bare the unease being felt – both at home and abroad – over how long its present-day zero-Covid isolation will last.

10 Sep 2022 - 9:00AM
Find out who is in the Politburo and 19th Central Committee, the connections between them, and who you should watch.
Illustration: Lau Ka-kuen
What does it take to get promoted in Chinese politics? Up-and-comers offer clues

Those with business or tech backgrounds, regional leadership experience and connections to Xi most likely to be promoted, observers say.

22 Sep 2022 - 6:00AM
Poverty threat unlikely to derail China’s push for common prosperity

Party congress expected to celebrate last year’s declared success in lifting lowest incomes and turn focus to 2049 goal.

13 Sep 2022 - 11:58PM
Will Xi Jinping change the size of China’s supreme decision-making body?

The Politburo Standing Committee is the party’s top decision-making body, but there are no written rules on how many members it can have. Analysts say its size is unlikely to change since Xi has cemented his power.

9 Sep 2022 - 1:47PM
Why is retirement beckoning for 11 members of China’s Politburo?

Xi Jinping is on course to become party leader for a third term – the first to do so since the death of Mao Zedong in 1976 – but 11 of the 24 other Politburo members are likely to retire.

5 Sep 2022 - 4:07PM
China Briefing | History hints at how China will select its next leaders at 20th party congress

China’s new leadership line-up could be finalised by the end of September, if officials follow a similar timetable to the last congress. But don’t expect any straw polls – or to find out who made the cut until the final day.

5 Sep 2022 - 9:44AM
History hints at how China will select its next leaders at 20th party congress
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‘No retreat’ for China’s hardline diplomats after 20th party congress

Deputy foreign minister Ma Zhaoxu makes clear that ‘diplomatic struggle’ against threats to core interests will continue after October event.

29 Sep 2022 - 5:58PM
China’s Xi Jinping back in the public spotlight – in person and in policy

Xi visits an exhibition in Beijing on the country’s achievements during his two terms.

28 Sep 2022 - 3:43AM
China’s central bank declares victory over crypto ahead of party congress

The People’s Bank of China touted its success in curbing onshore transactions of digital assets in a WeChat post on Monday.

27 Sep 2022 - 9:40PM