Decoding China’s leadership reshuffle
Chinese Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua during the opening ceremony of the 20th National Congress of China’s ruling Communist Party in October. Photo: AP
Hu Chunhua joins China top advisory body, set to depart as vice-premier
7 Nov 2022 - 9:19AM
7 Nov 2022 - 3:00AM

China can benefit from a more diverse voice especially at a time of geopolitical tensions when projecting the right image is a challenge. Hopefully, the lack of female representation is a temporary exception.

6 Nov 2022 - 7:34AM
Find out who is in the 20th Politburo and Central Committee, who the key people in charge of the military are, and who you should watch.
The key to opening up for China is a rigorous vaccination campaign, but progress has stalled. Photo: Reuters

No end in sight for China’s zero-Covid policy with experts left at a loss

With his third term secured, Xi Jinping must now address zero-Covid’s impact on the economy, jobs and social stability, some analysts believe.

31 Oct 2022 - 12:27PM

What a new line in China’s constitution on Hong Kong says about Taiwan

Additions may be reinforcement of Xi’s confidence in the one country, two systems model as the solution for Taiwan, says associate professor.

29 Oct 2022 - 8:00AM

What the Hong Kong links of China’s top leadership team mean for city

New hierarchy of seven-member Politburo Standing Committee could lead to smoother implementation of key policies involving Hong Kong, analysts say.

25 Oct 2022 - 4:28PM

China’s reshuffled military leadership highlights Taiwan focus

New Central Military Commission line-up gives clues on the People’s Liberation Army’s priorities in the next five years.

24 Oct 2022 - 3:39PM
The Communist Party’s 20th Central Committee – who are the new faces?

The Communist Party’s 20th Central Committee – who are the new faces?

The top leadership body of China’s Communist Party has new and younger members. See who has stayed and who has left.

8 Nov 2022 - 1:06PM

Visual explainer: the key people in charge of China’s military

Who sits on the seven-member body that runs the People’s Liberation Army?

23 Oct 2022 - 6:05PM

China’s apex of power: key figures in the country’s leadership elite

What to expect as China’s months-long government reshuffle culminates in time for ‘two sessions’ in March.

9 Jan 2023 - 6:57PM

Explainer | China’s 20th Communist Party congress and why it matters to Hong Kong

The Post unpacks the significance of the coming leadership meet and what we can expect from Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s report.

15 Oct 2022 - 10:14AM
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Xi tells Politburo to toe party line ‘under all circumstances’

Chinese president urges top leaders to ‘form a harmony in the symphony’ during two-day self-criticism session.

28 Dec 2022 - 2:52PM

Is China doubling down on assimilation of ethnic groups?

Recent developments suggest the Communist Party is stepping up efforts to forge a common national identity, experts say.

11 Dec 2022 - 6:00PM

Former internet regulator Xu Lin named party chief of China’s data hub Guizhou

The province’s new party boss, who has headed the state broadcasting agency since June, is seen as an advocate and enforcer of Xi Jinping’s views on the media.

9 Dec 2022 - 3:00PM