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Cloud9 takes home US$75,000 first prize at the Hong Kong PUBG World Invitational

Cloud9, Faze Clan and Team Liquid took top three, with OMG sitting at No.9

This article originally appeared on ABACUS
PUBG Corp’s Global Invitational in Berlin just came to an end last month, with Chinese team OMG seizing the trophy.  

But it was US team Cloud9 got the last laugh this past weekend at the Hong Kong PUBG World Invitational, beating 15 other esports teams -- including OMG.

Part of the Hong Kong Esports & Music Festival, the tournament spanned two days and pitted 16 four-man teams against one another for a total of eight rounds.

Cloud9 came out on top, grabbing the US$75,000 first prize. The entire tournament offers a total prize pool of US$150,000, spread among all 16 teams.

The Hong Kong PUBG World Invitational was the biggest event of the Hong Kong Esports & Music Festival. (Picture: EMFHK)

On the tournament’s first day, four rounds of PUBG were played through the Third Person Perspective (TPP), and on the second day, four rounds were played through the First Person Perspective (FPP).

Cloud9 and Team Liquid dominated TPP on the first day. But Faze Clan caught up and finished second ahead of Team Liquid on the second day.

It is worth noting that Cloud9 has sent two teams to this tournament, one being the original C9 from North America and the other C9KR from its Korean branch, with the American team emerging on top.

Teams from Greater China didn’t seem to enjoy any home court advantage in this tournament. OMG’s performance was uninspiring, often finishing right in the middle of the pack.

Taiwanese team ahq e-Sports Club got chicken dinner twice in a row in FPP but couldn’t make anything happen in TPP.

As the host city, Hong Kong sent two teams, HK9 and Game Dimension. One HK9 player was wiped out even before he could land -- joking that his year-long training came down to just 10 seconds against the world’s best.

Chinese team wins PUBG Global Invitational (and earns congratulations from state media)


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