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PUBG to permanently ban your gaming device if you’re caught cheating

It could be the game’s harshest anti-cheat measures yet

This article originally appeared on ABACUS

PUBG cheaters beware: The company behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is going after you.

PUBG announced on its official Korean forum it’s testing an anti-cheat system that would hand out hardware bans to any players found using hacks on PC. A ban like this goes beyond deactivating cheaters’ accounts: PUBG will remember which device was used and block it altogether.

The ban is expected to roll out on November 10th.

Meanwhile PUBG’s Xbox team also has bad news for cheaters. It says from now on, any players caught using hacks on Xbox One will be permanently banned from the game.

PUBG, the battle royale pioneer

These harsh measures attest to the rampant use of cheats in PUBG. Hacking the game with third-party software gives players uncanny in-game abilities, such as auto-aiming, shooting through walls, and even flying.
This cheating software for PUBG can identify characters and objects in the game. (Picture: Blacksector)
Chinese gamers started flooding the third best-selling video game in Steam’s history, after it took the country by storm. But they have a bad reputation: PUBG’s creator cited a study estimating that 99% of cheaters in the game were in China.
PUBG says it’s been taking action, having ejected at least 13 million PC cheaters since last June. At its peak, PUBG’s anti-cheat partner BattleEye said it was giving the boot to between 6,000 and 13,000 players everyday!

And this is only for cheaters. Those who actually create and sell these hacks face worse consequences.

In May, China arrested 18 suspects behind two PUBG cheating rings. And they were no small businesses. Police said funding for these operations ranged from US$3.1 million to more than US$4.7 million.

18 arrested for building cheating apps for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

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