ByteDance apps Toutiao, Douyin stickier than WeChat for Chinese users

TikTok owner ByteDance is engaging Chinese consumers longer every day through popular apps Toutiao and Douyin, compared with rival Tencent’s ubiquitous WeChat.

22 Oct 2020 - 6:45AM
Zoom wants to sell you concerts and Weight Watchers workshops

A new OnZoom platform for selling access to events and mini programs called Zapps are bid to keep users on Zoom longer as the company fights competition from the likes of Google and Microsoft.

16 Oct 2020 - 6:06PM
China’s internet censorship goes far beyond the Great Firewall

Online service providers have to use a combination of labour and automated technology to keep content within acceptable boundaries or risk fines and other punishments.

16 Oct 2020 - 8:04AM
Facial recognition in gaming has security risks, industry group warns

Tencent and NetEase already use facial recognition in popular games, while it comes with benefits, the technology’s wide use makes it ripe for abuse.

15 Oct 2020 - 9:15PM
An iPhone 12 without a charger compared to ‘eating without chopsticks’

The iPhone 12 series phones will not include wired EarPods or a wall charger in the box, sparking online outrage on Chinese social media.

14 Oct 2020 - 10:36PM
Chinese police drone catches suspected drug deal in action

Police filmed an alleged drug dealer exchanging goods with a customer at a secret location discovered by a drone as privacy concerns about UAV use by law enforcement persist .

13 Oct 2020 - 7:12PM
Browser that helped people hop the Great Firewall promptly disappears

Tuber briefly let people in China use blocked Western services like YouTube and Facebook but was quickly removed

12 Oct 2020 - 1:22PM
Seniors without health codes struggle in China. A railway station wants to help.

A railway station in eastern China is being praised for helping people without smartphones or health codes travel in China, a particular problem for the country’s elderly.

10 Oct 2020 - 10:15AM
Baidu’s new Douyin rival is really just another search app

With Kankan, Baidu is competing for a larger slice of China’s massive online video market, which has more than 880 million viewers.

9 Oct 2020 - 9:10PM
China embraces facial recognition even as data leaks are rampant

Incorrectly configured databases remains a widespread security problem in China even as citizens increasingly express concerns.

8 Oct 2020 - 10:38PM
Toy vending machines might help China get people hooked on digital yuan

China’s digital currency can soon be used to buy toys, including ones based on popular anime series One Piece and Detective Conan, from Japanese vending machines.

7 Oct 2020 - 11:00AM
China still loves Chrome even though Google is blocked

Internet users in China cannot access the Google search engine without a VPN, yet the Chrome browser has flourished in the land of no Google.

5 Oct 2020 - 11:17AM
Apple removes more RSS readers from the iOS App Store in China

Fiery Feeds and Reeder are the latest RSS apps purged from Apple’s App Store in China after Feedly and Inoreader got the same treatment in 2017.

2 Oct 2020 - 10:52PM
China hits record 940 million internet users after Covid-19

Online entertainment such as live-streaming and short video services continue to prosper, while ride-hailing and food delivery enterprises struggle.

30 Sep 2020 - 9:31PM
Abandoned shared bikes crying out for help creep out nearby residents

A video circulating on Weibo shows Ofo bikes asking to be helped up while piled up in an abandoned construction site.

2 Oct 2020 - 2:22PM
Huawei’s latest sharing economy idea is loaning out budget laptops

Huawei’s Honor is offering shared MagicBook laptops delivered straight to users’ doors during China’s national holiday.

29 Sep 2020 - 5:16AM
Can AI help China’s web novels find more English readers?

AI is helping China’s digital publishers translate novels faster and cheaper, but some remain sceptical.

28 Sep 2020 - 7:00AM
The world’s first foldable smartphone gets a new model in China

The Royole FlexPai 2 launches in China, boasting better screen and software performance and a price tag under US$1,500.

23 Sep 2020 - 2:45AM
What US users can expect after Trump’s ban on WeChat was suspended

A California judge has blocked the Trump administration from imposing a US ban against WeChat, allowing the continued use of Tencent’s super app in the world’s largest economy.

22 Sep 2020 - 7:03AM