The South China Morning Post's Times Square office in Hong Kong. Photo: Nora Tam

An update to the South China Morning Post’s reader comments section

  • Readers are encouraged to connect their SCMP account with a Facebook or Google-authenticated account

To our readers,

We believe that providing readers with an opportunity to share their perspective and engage in healthy discussions is an important part of any open news media platform. That is why we continue to maintain a reader comments section across our articles.

To improve transparency around meaningful conversations, we are announcing updates to our reader comments section. This includes encouraging readers to connect their SCMP account with a Facebook or Google-authenticated account. This will allow SCMP to display each reader's first name, first initial of their surname and their social avatar alongside each comment. Readers who agree to this will continue to enjoy the same benefit of having their comments posted in real-time on, subject to the user comment terms and conditions.
For readers who prefer not to connect with their account and not have their details displayed, comments will be held for review by a human moderator. While we will endeavour to review comments submitted in a timely fashion, there will inevitably be some delay between the time of submission and time of publishing. Please note that historical comments will remain unchanged. You can find out more about these changes in our FAQ section.
To connect your account to Facebook or Google, click here and follow the steps as directed.

We look forward to continuing to provide access for quality debates and discussions on our platform.


The South China Morning Post Team