The Post has evolved from a local newspaper to a global media company that serves up to 50 million monthly readers worldwide. Photo: Martin Chan

Introducing the South China Morning Post’s new digital subscription plans

  • Help safeguard the journalism that the world deserves and gain unparalleled expertise about China’s growing influence and how it affects America

Dear readers,

As the epicentre of global economic growth continues to shift eastwards with China’s accelerating emergence, those who understand Asia will ultimately understand the world. SCMP believes in championing the plurality of voices in Asia to elevate that understanding through the breadth and depth of independent journalism.

Now more than ever, from our home city of Hong Kong, we endeavour to explain China’s growing influence and how it impacts and challenges the world. Over recent years, we have increased our investment in the newsroom to expand our coverage of the issues that matter most and to enrich your reading experience across all platforms. We have transformed ourselves, evolving from a local newspaper to a global media company that serves up to 50 million monthly readers worldwide, and we are proud that the Post is now recognised as the unparalleled expert on the rise of China along with all of Asia.

The Post is essential to understanding China’s influence on global affairs, including its fast-evolving relationship with the United States. We are dedicated to informing and elevating your expertise on China with one of global media’s largest China-based reporting teams. As America’s 2020 elections approach, the debate over US-China policy will once again take centre-stage and impact diverse sectors from manufacturing, to technology, to healthcare, to the military. And as tensions rise between these two superpowers, SCMP’s reporting and analysis will push beyond reductive narratives to provide our global readers with deep insights, critical context, and a diversity of perspectives.

That said, comprehensive reporting is costly and the century-old advertising model is no longer enough to sustain high-quality news. SCMP’s commitment to journalism means that this model must evolve and our business must align with our greatest accountability: to serve our readers with uncompromising truth. So, we are asking for your support to help safeguard the journalism that the world deserves and the future of the South China Morning Post.

In August, we will be launching a digital subscription service, rolling out to all markets over several months. Readers can continue to view several stories for free each month before joining SCMP as a subscriber. The benefits for subscription include unlimited access to SCMP’s award-winning news reporting and opinions, along with the in-depth analysis and investigative journalism that lead the global conversation about China. Subscribers will also have access to personalisation features across our platforms that enhance your reading and discovery experience, along with privileged access to SCMP’s virtual and in-person events.

With this launch, our commitment to public service remains unchanged, so all news and information critical to community health and safety will still be freely accessible.

As Asia’s influence continues to grow, the importance of objective and independent reporting about China and its surrounding countries will also grow. The South China Morning Post has served this critical need for over 116 years and we hope that you will support the continuation of this mission, especially as its impact expands across the world.

With deep gratitude,

Tammy Tam

SCMP Editor-in-Chief