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The South China Morning Post newsroom in Hong Kong’s Times Square. Photo: Martin Chan

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  • The Post’s digital subscription, launched almost one year ago, has allowed us to continue publishing award-winning journalism
  • All SCMP content will be made freely available from August 9 to 15 to celebrate a year of direct support

Dear reader,

Last year, SCMP began asking our readers to support independent journalism by committing to a new digital subscription. As we approach the one-year anniversary of that launch, we want to express our sincere gratitude; these subscriptions have enabled the Post to continue publishing award-winning journalism that informs, explains, and educates our readers around the world.

The last 18 months have demonstrated that news is more crucial than ever in uncertain times, and is essential to the health and future of our interconnected world. Despite the complexities and dangers of reporting during a pandemic (in addition to the economic, technological and social disruptions) our journalists have remained steadfast in their mission to ensure that readers stay informed. SCMP’s newsroom is dedicated to all of the issues that shape our home, beyond just Covid-19, chronicling how Hong Kong is changing under the national security law and what lies behind the city’s perpetual housing crisis.
For our global audience, we have examined and explained Beijing’s impact on the world, from the evolving dynamics between superpowers under the Biden administration, to unpacking China’s national policy blueprint which revealed the country’s ambitions for international diplomacy, trade, technology, military and climate change. We also continue to provide readers with lifestyle updates as well as supply health and wellness guidance to help our readers thrive in a post-pandemic world.
We are proud that our readers and peers around the world rely on our reporting and have recognised our work through 128 industry awards in the past year. Most notably, our newsroom was honoured for its independent journalism and innovative reporting at the Online Journalism Awards, becoming the first news publisher in Asia to win the General Excellence in Online Journalism’ award. In addition, our dedication to excellence in journalism and digital publishing has led to top international honours and global accolades for impactful visual storytelling and human rights reporting.

Looking ahead, we will continue to bring you journalism that matters:

All of our subscribers have enjoyed additional access to a growing number of subscriber-exclusive benefits. Our first subscriber community event, HK Roars!, was a delight and our special editor-curated newsletters have been well received. In particular, our Decoding China’s Two Sessions 2021 and Xinjiang newsletter series were filled with exclusive explainers and expert analyses. In addition to our existing flagship newsletters Global Impact and Inside China Tech, we are also pleased to introduce our newest flagship, Hong Kong Update, that keeps readers informed on the most important stories in our home city.
To celebrate one year of direct support from our readers, we are pleased to make all SCMP content freely available from August 9 to 15. For non-subscribers, all you need is a free SCMP account (create one or log in here) to gain access. We hope that you will find great value in our journalism and decide to join us in the pursuit of truth and fairness.

Thank you again for your continued support. We remain unwavering in our commitment to world-class journalism that serves readers like you, and to providing news and analysis that you can trust.

With deep gratitude from all at SCMP,

Tammy Tam

SCMP Editor-in-Chief