New format for for CR song awards awards

AS 1995 approaches, Commercial Radio is gearing up for its seventh Ultimate Song Chart Awards.

Started in 1988, the awards have come to reflect the values that the station holds most dear: the search for new challenges, the constant struggle to improve and the provision of ever-better programmes for listeners.

One of the traits of the Ultimate Song Chart Awards has been the input the nominees receive from their peers in the industry and the opinions of the public, who have traditionally been invited to vote for their favourite song - live - on the night of the awards.

This year, a new format has been designed that will be more responsive and representative than ever.

From 1995 onwards, the presentation will be divided into two parts.

January 1 will be the annual date for the presentation of all categories of awards.

This January, the ceremony will be held at the ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

On that evening, Commercial Radio will also announce its list of the top 20 original songs with the most airplay over the last year, in preparation for the second part of the new awards show format.

These 20 songs will be fed into the computer terminals of the ABC paging outlets throughout the territory.

In the following weeks, the public will be invited to go to these outlets and use the computers to vote for their favourite song among the 20 nominated.

The top five songs will be selected, in preparation for the winners' concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum on January 17.

The show is designed to highlight the originality and creativity in local music, something the radio station has always tried to promote.

All 20 original nominees will be featured live before an audience of 12,000, who will be asked to vote for their favourite song, out of the five shortlisted from the computer voting.