Friend's tireless aid to Thais hit by floods inspires photographic fund-raiser to rebuild homes

The first exhibition of Hong Kong-based model cum photographer David Elliott, A City Under Water, at JaaBar in Central, is a fund-raiser to help victims of last year's floods in Thailand.

'Last November, I made a four-day trip to the heart of the flood zone,' Elliott said. 'A friend of mine was heavily involved in the flood aid.

'Every morning, we were arranging and picking up supplies and driving to Pathum Thani [province], where we would rendezvous with the boats - a necessity in navigating the floodwaters.

'The waters rose to the shoulders of the few people who braved them. There was such a starkness in contrast to the imagery I captured and to the murky, milk-tea-coloured water which we were floating in.'

'The project was inspired by my friend Mednune and her devoutness to help the Thai people,' Elliott said. 'She was there working tirelessly ... In the wake of any calamity, we all want to do something, and it was then I decided the imagery I captured could be used as a device to help her bring something back to the beautiful souls of Thailand.

'All proceeds from sales will go towards rebuilding homes for those who lost theirs to the flooding.'