Fans and friends quick to be drawn as Old Master Q is given a stylish makeover

What does Old Master Q have to do with Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Yoda? To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular Chinese comic and the 88th birthday of creator Alfonso Wong Kar-hei, a solo exhibition of Old Master Q opened with cocktails on Thursday at The Pawn.

Joseph Wong Chak, the eldest son of Alfonso, who picked up his father's pen when he retired in the 1980s, showed his fans and friends dozens of playful new looks of Old Master Q. In his fashion series, Wong dresses up the old master with couture from labels such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Hermes.

In one drawing for the series, colour on paper, Q rocks in a classy Prada suit and plays the violin against a familiar street-and-tram scene on Hong Kong Island. Visitors swarmed the room to witness how Q becomes a host of aliens and animated-film characters.

In one scene, Q sports long ears and green skin to pay tribute to a Jedi master in Star Wars, with the character's iconic spectacles resting on a small, round nose.

Recently there has been controversy over derivative works, which are threatened by the government's Copyright Ordinance amendment. Wong said: 'Creative works should co-exist with the original works.' His solo exhibition, Old Master Q's Secret, will be held until July 31 at Galerie Huit, 8 St Francis Street, Wan Chai.