Stylish Pulp buzzes with celebrities for its Lan Kwai Fong debut

Lan Kwai Fong has never lacked spaces to drink and thanks to Cafe Deco Group, there is another contender on the strip.

The buzzing Pulp on 55 Wyndham Street, which opened last Thursday, is an upscale attempt to create an energetic and intimate setting for post-work party-goers a stone's throw from the Lan Kwai Fong tower. Guests in glamorous gowns, including celebrities Jacqueline Chong and Carrie Lam, mingled among the chic decor, sipped cocktails and champagne, and even spilled out onto the road as the people pressure was so great.

Standing out from the crowd is hard in this vicinity, but Pulp's thoughtful interiors, great sound system and two-storey space - the upper floor houses an outdoor area for smokers - could improve its chances. But they may need to keep the cheesy European club hits to a minimum - such a system deserves better music. Not that the sweat-soaked clientele seemed to mind.

Overlooking the street, the second floor lounge is at least a more intimate space where friends can gather for a chat on a long sofa with some Thai shrimp cakes, chicken satay and sample a few specialty cocktails, like a Chelsea cobbler - a mix of gin, dry sherry, black cherry and other fruit.

Pulp is a versatile, stylish destination, and its 4,000 sq ft space could accommodate concerts, parties, gatherings, or just an excuse for a great night out.