Flysheet ads fill postbox

I SYMPATHISE with Mr Thomas Hui whose letter headlined, 'Angered by useless faxes', appeared in the South China Morning Post, on December 9.

Mr Hui described how every morning, when he comes into his office, he finds the fax machine has spewed out metres of advertisements he has not asked for and does not want to read.

Similarly, every evening, when I reach home, I find printed adverts from estate agents in my postbox.

They are useless.

I have friends living overseas and I always look forward to hearing from them.

Imagine my disappointment when I approach the postbox in the evening and see so much mail, only to find out that it is full of unsolicited adverts, informing you of flats that are available and how much they cost.

There are certain peak periods when I have received as many as four flysheets per day.

The only advantage I have over Mr Hui is that it is not my supply of paper which is wasted.