Burglar's haul worth $100,000

AN unemployed man was sentenced to 31/2 years jail for stealing cash and valuables worth almost $100,000.

The District Court heard Chan Siu-fai, 19, was caught robbing a fashion boutique in a bid to support his pregnant live-in girlfriend. The baby is due next year.

Prosecutor Peter Lee said three men were seen outside a boutique in To Kwa Wan Road, Hunghom, at 3.30 am on November 5. One tried to force the shop's padlock, while a fourth acted as a lookout.

Half an hour later, a fifth man arrived and they eventually entered the shop after breaking open the lock with a pair of shears.

However, a resident reported them to the police, leading to Chan's arrest.

Police discovered Chan was wanted in connection with several other burglaries between September 15 last year and November 5 this year involving goods and cash valued at $99,150.


Chan pleaded guilty to seven counts of burglary and one count of conspiracy to burgle.

Judge Hawkes sentenced him to 31/2 years' imprisonment.

In mitigation, counsel Erik Shum said Chan had resorted to theft after he had exhausted all possible legal means of overcoming his financial difficulties.

The four other men absconded during the trial.