Morning Clicks, August 28

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 August, 2012, 10:24am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 03 July, 2018, 5:55pm

Keywords: Huawei, Africa, Android, Caterpillar, Housing, BYD, HSBC, Stimulus spending, Mitt Romney, ASEAN

China Media Project
-- Editor’s suicide prompts reflection, reproach

-- Inside Huawei, the Chinese tech giant that's rattling nerves in DC

Voice of America
-- African Immigrants Talk About Life in Beijing (video)

-- China’s iOS, Android growth up more than 400% in last year 

Seeking Alpha
-- Caterpillar: A Bump In The Road In China

-- What Would China Build If It Builds Less Housing?

The Hindu
-- India, China to set up joint working group

U.S.News & World Report
-- High School Grads in China, India Are Better Prepared for College

Media Roundup

-- Why Are Governments Paralyzed?
-- Japanese Government Offers to Buy Diaoyu with 2Bln Yen
-- BYD Wins CNY1.5Bln Export Order to Supply Electric Bus to Israel
-- HSBC Cut GDP Forecast to 8Pct for 2012 on Export Collapse
-- China Jan.-July Industrial Profits Down 2.7Pct
-- 《财经》社论:劳教制度已至穷途 Editorial: The reeducation through labour system is now on its last legs.

-- The Race to the 4G Mountaintop
-- Central Gov't Pushes Big Banks to Hire Local Auditors
-- Proposal on Publicity Rules in Courts Causes Uproar
-- 哈市塌桥监理单位2008年曾被红牌警告 The company which oversaw construction of the collapsed Harbin bridge was given a severely low rating and nearly had its licence revoked by the city in 2008.
-- 7月以来13省市公布的投资计划超十万亿 Thirteen provinces and municipalities have announced a total of more than ten trillion yuan (HK$12.199 trillion) in local stimulus projects since July; Guangdong, Tianjin, Shanxi, Chongqing, Fujian, and Guizhou have all pledged to invest more than 1 trillion yuan each.
-- 虚假诉讼引发北京法院系统最大窝案 Bogus lawsuits have trapped the Beijing court system in the city's largest ever fraud conspiracy.

China Daily
-- Teheran to bolster status at intl summit
-- Right stance in sea disputes
-- Strong China policy for votes
-- Policy will poison relations
-- Energy giants step up acquisitions overseas
-- CCB still faces tough 2nd half
-- Mental patients may access courts
-- Government micro blogs accounts up to 50,000
-- China to invest in TV digitalization in Africa

Global Times
-- Public needs to see where tax money goes
-- Foreign reporters treated with ‘care’
-- China launches $372 bln pollution reduction drive
-- Chinese abroad must have same protection as at home
-- Public needs to see where tax money goes
-- 环球时报:中日开战将使中国洗刷一个世纪耻辱 War with Japan would allow China to wash away a century of humiliation.

People's Daily
-- Vigilant on comeback of int’l terrorists
-- Japan releases video of Chinese activists landing on Diaoyu Islands
-- Will Japan-South Korea relations drop into ‘ice age’?
-- US launches financial attacks against its allies

-- Senior official urges deepened judicial system reform
-- ASEAN wants more investment, tourists from China
-- Senior officials' meeting of NAM issues draft document
-- Backgrounder: Basic facts about Non-Aligned Movement
-- Chinese legislature discusses draft laws
-- Vice premier calls for closer cooperation between Chinese and African local governments
-- Li urges expansion of Africa relations
-- News Analysis: Australian MP supports creation of China-Australia leadership dialogue