John Kennedy
John Kennedy

Morning Clicks, August 28

A People's Daily editor recently took his own life, and his legacy so far has been one of the value of freedom of speech.

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Media Roundup

-- The Race to the 4G Mountaintop
-- Central Gov't Pushes Big Banks to Hire Local Auditors
-- Proposal on Publicity Rules in Courts Causes Uproar
-- 哈市塌桥监理单位2008年曾被红牌警告 The company which oversaw construction of the collapsed Harbin bridge was given a severely low rating and nearly had its licence revoked by the city in 2008.
-- 7月以来13省市公布的投资计划超十万亿 Thirteen provinces and municipalities have announced a total of more than ten trillion yuan (HK$12.199 trillion) in local stimulus projects since July; Guangdong, Tianjin, Shanxi, Chongqing, Fujian, and Guizhou have all pledged to invest more than 1 trillion yuan each.
-- 虚假诉讼引发北京法院系统最大窝案 Bogus lawsuits have trapped the Beijing court system in the city's largest ever fraud conspiracy.