Enhanced public service delivery enables new businesses to grow

Discovery Reports - Malaysia's Strategic Reform Initiatives

Elaine Deng

For Malaysia's economy to flourish, businesses and investments need an environment that will help them grow. This includes the support of a government that makes it easier for entrepreneurs and companies to do business.

To help create this environment, the government fast-tracked two major initiatives under the public service delivery SRI - Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and the Online Licences Approval Programme. These initiatives reflect the government's determination to remove overlaps and improve licensing processes.

"Everything is done with one objective, which is to deliver the best services to the people of Malaysia," says Ali Hamsa, chief secretary to the government.

The BPR is already gaining ground. The Focus Group on Business Process Reengineering is keeping tabs on the progress of its implementation. The special task force consists of the Malaysia Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit, the Malaysia Productivity Corporation and the Implementation Coordination Unit.

PEMANDU CEO and minister in the prime minister's department Idris Jala says that under the BPR initiative, 405 business licences have been identified for elimination or compositing. The public service delivery SRI is expected to save HK$1.78 million in business compliance costs. The government will be simplifying another 271 business licences and putting them online for easy application in connection with the Online Licenses Approval Programme.

Under the Online Licenses Approval Programme, the Business Licensing Electronic Support System (BLESS) aims to incorporate all these business licences to give business owners convenient access to the information and facilities they need to begin operations.


Business owners can track their applications and receive updates on their approval status on the BLESS website. The site also allows licensing agencies to get in touch directly with business owners for quick clarifications or confirmations, making the application process faster and more efficient.

BLESS may be accessed from my Government portal, which will unify all government services on a single website. The portal is continuously updated to give business owners immediate access to pertinent services such as corporate identity number registration, online payment systems and applications for privileges granted to multimedia companies. It also provides businesses and investors helpful information on various industries including energy, finance, health care and education.