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Coyne Airways braces for more Asian cargo

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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 27 September, 2012, 11:52am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 June, 2018, 3:08pm

Asian nations are investing more and more in oil, gas and mineral-rich countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Libya. With more than 18 years of delivering critical and oversized cargo to challenging destinations, Coyne Airways is able to capitalise on these changing trade patterns.

Family-owned Coyne Airways is reputed for its consistent and reliable services and prides itself on offering flexible, client-focused solutions. The company's extensive interline network allows it to carry cargo from any global gateway to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East from its Dubai hub and to the Caspian Sea region from its London base. It also offers charters for special shipments and aviation consultancy services.

"Our customers can go to any airport and partner airline in the world and have their cargo travel all the way through to destination on a single Coyne air waybill," says managing director Darrin Quern. This approach cuts transit time, eliminates transfer charges and gives clients a single point of contact for tracking the entire process. In collaboration with leading airlines such as Emirates, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines, Coyne Airways is able to satisfy cargo demand with ease and reliability.

Identifying the Far East to be playing a key role in its future, the company is strengthening its exposure in the region. Coyne Airways has sales agents in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan, and is looking for more in the region.

"We need reliable partners willing to adapt to selling our difficult destinations," Quern says. Coyne Airways is also looking to develop sea-air products from gateways such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore to offer its client freight forwarders more choice and cost-effective options.