Eugène Burgers, managing director

AKAPP-STEMMANN's conductor bar systems bear CCC mark

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"Flexible with energy" is both motto and mission for mobile power solutions provider AKAPP-STEMMANN, an ISO-certified company. "We are able to solve problems in bringing flexible power supply to an installation," says Eugène Burgers, managing director of AKAPP-STEMMANN.

Founded in 1953, the Netherlands-based company is one of the three biggest conductor bar manufacturers in the world. AKAPP-STEMMANN exports its technology certified by the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and Canadian Standards Association to more than 60 countries worldwide.

AKAPP-STEMMANN provides conductor bar systems with continuous copper conductors in its insulated housings and systems featuring modular snap-ons and pre-mounted copper conductors. Both systems supply middle to high-end industrial energy requirements. Its systems are highly adaptable to various conditions, including extreme temperatures.

Having established itself in Asia for 25 years, AKAPP-STEMMANN is looking to expand its foothold on the mainland with its Shanghai distributor. The company is the first and so far only foreign manufacturer of conductor bars with CCC, the safety and quality mark for a wide range of products sold on the mainland. This is an important seal of approval for AKAPP-STEMMANN's mainland foray.

"The CCC hallmark gives us a stronger chance to grow on the mainland market because companies there would want to do business with partners possessing this quality mark," says Pieter Nijhof, AKAPP-STEMMANN public relations manager.

The company is particularly focused on increasing its share in the cranes and hoists market, and looking for more opportunities in automated warehousing, agricultural systems and automated window cleaning solutions.

AKAPP-STEMMANN's systems are used in a variety of applications from powering the Kone Cranes of Finland, the world's biggest crane manufacturer, to automating the window cleaning systems for the Qatar Olympic Stadium. They run warehouses for Wagner Pizza and Coca-Cola, the hangar doors for Korean Air, and power the Gemini Space Observatory in Chile. AKAPP-STEMMANN also enables the musicals of Mary Poppins and Soldier of Orange with its unique rotating stage.