Douglas Cheung (left), global sales and marketing director, and Fred van Gulik, president

Eurodrug develops strategic alliances and expands geographically

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Eurodrug Laboratories is an international pharmaceutical company that develops, produces and markets a comprehensive portfolio of prescription medicines for a wide range of illnesses.

It delivers high-quality products, focused on liver metabolism, the respiratory tract, obesity and anti-inflammatory medicines that treat acute and chronic pain.

Eurodrug is well-established in Asia, Eastern Europe, Mexico and Colombia, and has opened a regional office to cover South America. It collaborates with European and international research institutes and private companies through joint-venture research and licensing to deliver European-standard quality medicines across the globe.

The 28-year old company co-operates with research institutes and universities in Hungary, Italy, Thailand, India, Switzerland and Britain.

"Eurodrug is a dynamic, research-oriented boutique pharmaceutical company focusing on research in key areas, where we apply our expertise and add value for our customers," says president Fred van Gulik. "We are international, yet maintain the flexibility and nimbleness that enable us to liaise effectively with numerous partners and respond quickly to doctors' and patients' needs."

Eurodrug welcomes strategic partners that are pursuing expansion in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The company has established a strong presence in 26 countries in these emerging regions. "Our potential partners, wherever they are in the world, can collaborate with Eurodrug to bring value-added medicines to the international market," says global sales and marketing director Douglas Cheung.

"With our combined efforts and resources, we can efficiently and effectively launch new medicines to meet the increasing medical needs in these emerging markets. We are open to partnerships on marketing, distribution and in- and out-licensing of quality products," he adds. "We also look forward to attracting pharmaceutical investors who are interested in participating in the equity of Eurodrug to enhance growth in our product pipeline."

Eurodrug aims to record growth of 15 to 20 per cent annually and achieve gross revenues of between HK$220 million and HK$250 million in the next three years.

"Eurodrug will continue to be dynamic, resourceful and innovative, and sustain strong growth driven by our philosophy to meet the human needs of tomorrow," van Gulik says.