Budyanto Totong, chairman and CEO

Catur Sentosa Adiprana builds legacy on integrity

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Success stories are built on integrity and hard work. The phenomenal journey of Indonesian distribution and logistics giant Catur Sentosa Adiprana (CSA) exemplifies this notion. From a 40-square-metre paint shop in 1966, CSA has grown to become a nationwide distributor of building materials, chemicals and consumer goods with modern retail stores for home improvement, furniture and building materials.

Budyanto Totong, CSA's chairman and CEO, recalls going from shop to shop selling paint products. He recognised the opportunity of marketing and distributing other items and went out to seek new principals.

The group has grown to distribute more than 27,000 building material products through its 39 distribution branches nationwide. CSA also has five distribution branches for chemical products and eight distribution areas for consumer goods. It has more than 400 principals, which include big local and international brands such as Dulux from Akzo Nobel, Mowilex, TOA Paint, Arwana Ceramic, Mulia Ceramics, 3M, Shell, Osram, HCG and American Standard.

As consumption grows with Indonesia's middle class, the business trend is moving towards modern retail stores. CSA's MITRA10 store brand is one of Indonesia's first modern retail stores for building materials and home improvement, serving customers through 20 outlets across Indonesia. The group also owns five furniture showrooms in Jakarta and Bali under the store brand ATRIA.

"Successful distribution relationships are about synergy with the principals," Totong says. "Trust and sincerity are important, so we have to be transparent at all times." Some principals have been with CSA for more than 40 years.

Admiring CSA's success with building materials distribution, Procter & Gamble (P&G) appointed the group in 2010 to distribute its products in Indonesia.

"P&G has a good system that serves as the industry benchmark," Totong says. "We received the Best Sales National Growth 2012 award and, as a result, other principals have started to look for us."

New principals include Dua Kelinci for peanuts, Smart for cooking oil, United Waru Biscuit Manufacturing for cookies, Tirtamas Lestari for mineral water and Siantar Madju for sandals.

Always ready to welcome partners in other emerging markets, the group has already established collaborations in China and Thailand.

As CSA opens more modern retail stores for building materials and home improvement and furnishing, it invites long-term partners to aid its regional ambitions. The group envisions expanding its retail distribution network via Home Depot-like outlets across Southeast Asia.

"We're leaving a legacy for future generations," Totong says. "We've set the foundation and hope this company will continue to be a blessing to our people and country."

Catur Sentosa Adiprana