Andi Haryadi, owner and director

Herbal solutions get to the root of hair problems

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When it comes to personal care, Gondowangi Tradisional Kosmetika's founder Liem Soedarno believes a "back-to-nature" approach yields better benefits. Building on this philosophy, Soedarno tapped into the innate nourishing properties of herbal ingredients to develop hair care products that have gained a loyal following in Indonesia, and increasingly international markets.

Years of research in his hair care clinic enabled Soedarno to formulate shampoos, conditioners, tonics and serums specifically targeting hair loss. As the products gained popularity, customers from all over Indonesia visited Soedarno's clinic to buy the product, inspiring him to establish Gondowangi.

"Hair loss is our first strength. While competitors focus on addressing other hair concerns, my father wanted to concentrate on hair loss to develop an unparalleled advantage in the market," says Andi Haryadi, Gondowangi owner and director.

Gondowangi manufactures a comprehensive range of hair-loss products under the Natur brand. The line of products contains ginseng and green tea as active ingredients, which are known for stimulating hair growth.

To offer personalised after-sales services to customers, Gondowangi also runs hair care clinics. Aside from conducting free hair consultations, Gondowangi uses the clinics as venues to interact with customers, to gather feedback about further product improvement.

Gondowangi is a niche player in the local hair care market. It aims to grow its market share by targeting the male demographic. "Men are more likely to experience hair loss but they still have difficulty admitting it," Haryadi says. "We want to introduce the idea that hair loss is normal, that we have a solution for their problem."

As the company expands its distribution to follow its Indonesian customers abroad, Gondowangi welcomes partnerships that can enhance its product line and international footprint.

With a representative office opening in Malaysia this year, Gondowangi eyes Hong Kong as its next overseas base.

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