Robby Gunawan, managing director

Indesso Aroma spices up local and international business

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Historically known in the trading world as Spice Islands, Indonesia is home to a variety of spices and natural resources. Lending a modern spin to the centuries-old tradition of cultivating spices, Indesso Aroma uses cutting-edge technology to foster the development of Indonesian and Southeast Asian natural-based ingredients for the creation of new products in the food, flavouring and fragrance industries.

The verdant backdrop near Purwokerto inspired Indesso Aroma founder Robert Gunawan to distil clove leaves.

What started as a modest operation gradually became a multimillion dollar enterprise because of the company's commitment to preserving nature's spirit in its products.

Indesso Aroma focuses on maximising the properties of essential oils to add more value to the product. Aside from essential oils, the company also processes natural extracts for use as food ingredients and aroma chemicals.

"We invested a lot in both development and manufacturing capabilities because we believe there are many more additional uses for essential oils and extracts outside of traditional applications," says Robby Gunawan, Indesso Aroma managing director.

Producing more than 15 different aroma chemicals, Indesso Aroma is one of the global market leaders in clove oil derivatives. It supplies products to leading companies in the flavour and fragrance industries.

"Our relationships with these companies have evolved from supplier to partners. We help them in product development if they need assistance," Gunawan says.

One distinct application for Indesso Aroma's products is fish sedative. A company used Indesso Aroma's products to formulate a natural chemical that dissolves in water without residue. The solution keeps fish calm during transport to avoid the release of excessive stress hormones. This results in fresher-tasting fish.

Quality and safety are paramount to Indesso Aroma. The company embraces good agricultural practices and fair trade principles to ensure sustainability. To preserve the pure essence of raw materials, Indesso Aroma emphasises quality assurance at every step of the production process. The manufacturing facilities of Indesso Aroma are equipped with an integrated computerised control system to implement an effective supply chain.

Indesso Aroma exports more than 50 per cent of its products internationally with the remainder for the local market.

The company's biggest export market is the United States, followed by Europe and Asia.

"We are looking at new geographies. We are in the perfect position to capitalise on the growth of both the Indonesian and international markets," Gunawan says.

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