Agus Benjamin, president and director

Lippo Insurance: Impacting lives through operation excellence

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Being considered as No 1 in health insurance claims servicing says everything about Lippo Insurance. With similar excellent survey ratings in client services, underwriting and administration, Lippo Insurance has won Indonesia's Best General Insurance Award for the past two years. The commendation was given by Media Insurance magazine for the HK$200-million to HK$600-million equity category and by Business Review magazine for the public company category.

"We want to be the best in providing health insurance in Indonesia by delivering the friendliest services," says president and director Agus Benjamin, who was also named Best Visionary CEO by Business Review this year. "We don't simply sell a big name but are committed to operation excellence."

Lippo Insurance is a long-term partner of many multinational corporations (MNCs) in Indonesia including Pfizer, Baker Hughes and PwC. Comprising 80 per cent of its health insurance clients, MNCs benefit from Lippo Insurance's comprehensive and fully customised insurance solutions designed through five decades of industry experience.

"We have a full range of health insurance products serving everyone from individuals and families to micro businesses and big corporates which have thousands of employees," Benjamin says. The company's 24-hour contact centre and network of about 700 hospitals nationwide provide easy-to-access services with efficient and ready personal medical assistance.

Lippo Insurance has introduced "Pesona Kasih", a mass market and cost effective pre-paid accident insurance card available at Hypermart, Foodmart and Boston chain stores. For about HK$16, the holder receives 24-hour worldwide personal accident protection, permanent disability benefits and medical treatment due to accident up to a certain limit.

"We run our company not just for business. We're always thinking of ways we can best contribute to society and impact lives," Benjamin says. "We keep promoting that insurance is important, affordable and that dealing with an insurance company is not difficult."

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