Kang Kim Ang, technical consultant, Petronesia Benimel, and managing director and technical adviser, Corrtrol Group

Petronesia Benimel, Corrtrol excel in delivering top-notch pipeline solutions

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Excellent customer service goes a long way. By word of mouth, Petronesia Benimel, in co-operation with its partner, Malaysian corrosion expert Corrtrol Group, has become Indonesia's leading pipe inspection and corrosion protection specialist. With corrosion experts accredited by world-renowned professional organisations, Petronesia Benimel services the likes of Chevron, PGN and Pertamina. The company has successfully inspected more than 1,300 kilometres of pipelines in Indonesia.

"It is not just about winning contracts. We focus on solving our customers' problems," says Petronesia Benimel technical consultant Kang Kim Ang, who is also managing director and technical adviser at Corrtrol. "We value excellent customer service over profit. Our customers keep coming back because of this dedication."

Petronesia Benimel specialises in testing techniques using a non-contact magnetic tomography method, direct current voltage gradient, pipe current mapping and closed interval potential surveys. All methods can be conducted without disrupting the daily operations of the clients. The company also offers construction, electrical, mechanical and mining services.

Petronesia Benimel, in strategic collaboration with Corrtrol, leverages different technologies from foreign countries and customises them to match the requirements of local markets. The company also generates solutions for clients by collaborating with the research departments of the best national universities in Indonesia.

As a reflection of its high regard for human resource development, Petronesia Benimel offers a free welding training programme in Sumatra. Students have successfully found employment after the programme with some of them even being hired by clients.

The company is interested in opportunities in other sectors such as water utilities in countries such as Brunei, Myanmar and Australia. "We would like to become a regional player and seek partners that also value human resource development and lasting relationships with clients," says Fernando Silaen, Petronesia Benimel's business development manager.