Hendro Basuki, managing director

Selektani Horticulture transforms research into commercial potential

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Feeding Indonesia's population of more than 200 million is an enormous task, but Selektani Horticulture is stepping up to address this challenge. "We want to play a part in solving the world's food supply problem," says managing director Hendro Basuki.

Selektani Horticulture helps modernise small growers in Indonesia by providing genetically modified flower and vegetable seeds, and innovative farming techniques.

Three subsystems comprise the company's agribusiness: scientific and academic research, production and marketing. "To have good marketing, you need to have good, marketable products," Basuki says. "To have good, marketable products, you need to have good applied research." The end-results are products that have genetic purity, high germination levels and are free from seed-borne diseases.

The seed grower co-operates with multinationals, particularly Dutch companies, to establish what Basuki refers to as "time research programmes". Under this framework, the company shares its deep roster of skilled academic and technical researchers with multinational corporations. The foreign companies, in turn, implement commercial applications to create marketable products. It is a synergistic relationship that introduces the Indonesian agriculture industry to international markets.

Selektani Horticulture's work with multinationals has opened the door to increased export and potential partnerships. Basuki also sees the prospect of establishing trade with the mainland, given the company's proximity to the region. He looks forward to addressing the mainland's demand for produce, especially during the typhoon season, when local crop shortages may occur.

Eyeing an initial public offering in the future to open the private family business to outside investors, Selektani Horticulture continues to unify its local research with international commercial potential. This union is a cornerstone of the company's success. "I believe the East and West could meet together because technology is universal," Basuki says.

Selektani Horticulture