Leonardi Liu, President and commissioner, Solder Indonesia

Solder Indonesia eyes top spot in region's soldering industry

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Since day one, Solder Indonesia has set its sights on becoming the best tin solder manufacturer in Indonesia.

"We achieved our target in our first year of operations. Our next step is to become the best in Southeast Asia. To be the best in this industry, we must be reliable and consistent," says Leonardi Liu, president and commissioner.

Solder manufactures customisable solder bars, wires and other alloys. With Indonesia among the world's largest tin producers, Solder guarantees consistent supply of high-quality tin for solder.

"Raw materials are very important. Even if a company is technologically skilled, if they do not have guaranteed access to materials, they cannot succeed," Liu says.

The company also took the soldering industry by storm with breakthroughs such as its best-in-class soldering flux and Indonesia's first solder paste. Solder debuted solder paste for surface-mount technology in electronic circuits.

"No other flux or tin solder manufacturer can match the composition of our flux. We formulate the right composition to ensure successful metal joints," Liu says.

Strict attention to market trends positions Solder at the forefront of the industry. The company attends trade fairs and exhibitions to study new industry developments. Solder also invests significantly in research and development to pioneer new products that meet the market's evolving needs.

With a monthly production capacity of up to 200 metric tonnes, Solder is producing approximately 40 to 50 metric tonnes a month. Of this figure, 20 to 30 per cent is for export, with the remainder for domestic use.

Solder seeks to expand distribution to increase market share. The company also endeavours to work with companies from the region looking to venture into tin solder manufacturing.

"Aside from reliability and consistency, we can provide many other competitive advantages to our customers. Our labour costs are competitively priced and transportation costs are relatively minimal," Liu says.

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