Esprit's new shape is shapeless

ESPRIT introduces simple styles that are easy to co-ordinate in its spring/summer menswear collection.

'The new shape is no shape,' said communications co-ordinator Doris Yeung. 'It is relaxed and unconstructed. The shirts will drape over trousers for a comfortable silhouette.' The look can be bold or subtle, depending on the interplay of texture and colour. Fabrics are mixed and matched, to offset structure against fluidity, rugged against smooth.

Soft unstructured jackets are worn over collarless shirts that come in mostly natural fibres such as cotton and linen, many of which have gone through a heavy washing process to give them a soft finish.

Shirts build on texture, mixing patterns and fabrics such as herringbone twill and corduroy. Checks and stripes feature strongly, often thrown together for contrast.

'The colour palette is neutral-oriented and the neutral tones are complemented by white and by darker, classic colours such as navy and grey,' Ms Yeung said, adding that Esprit was known for its classic coloured products.

Traditional sportswear is strong this season, such as polo shirts and V-necked T-shirts with an over-washed softness for extra comfort.

'They come in stripes and retro-blue, which is a different shade of blue, like a heather blue,' Ms Yeung said.