Chaotic scenes highlight meeting

THE Hong Kong Judo Association will be advised to ask their member clubs to register under the company or society ordinances to prevent a repeat of yesterday's chaotic annual meeting at Queen Elizabeth Stadium.

The meeting was marred by claims of bogus clubs being formed to consolidate the power of incumbent office bearers, most of whom were voted into office for another two-year term.

Ip Hay-wood, the Sports Development Board's 'observer' at the meeting, said she regretted the state of the unruly meeting which saw club representatives in heated arguments and throwing abuse at each other.

'I expected this and they will have the same arguments at future meetings unless they can sort out their membership issue,' said Ip, the SDB's associate director of sports development.

'One way to avoid further trouble is for their members to be registered under the company or society ordinances. At least they would then be guided by the law.' The HKJA executive committee have the power to grant full membership to applicants with at least 15 pupils and their classes are conducted by a B grade or higher coach.

However, there were arguments why 15 clubs, most of them new applicants, were given voting rights in the past year while many other associate member clubs have been waiting for years for their voting rights.


Disposed vice-presidents David Yu Wing-chung and Chan Siu-shing claimed the 15 new voting member clubs are all registered under the pupils or spouses of executive committee members and questioned their legitimacy.

Yu and Chan have joined forces with former vice president Samson Mak Yiu-cheung and are considering legal action to challenge the legality of the meeting.

Mak has also threatened to take the HKJA executive committee to court for banning him from running for presidency.