Get tough with dog owners

IT is an open secret that many public housing residents keep pet dogs in their cramped flats. The residents who do this are breaking one of the tenancy regulations which are drawn up by the Housing Authority. This rule stipulates that public housing residents are prohibited from keeping large-sized animals in their rented accommodation.

The Housing Authority is being too lenient in this matter.

As far as I know, only one family has been forced to leave a public housing flat, because of their repeated violation of this rule.

However, one family is only the tip of the iceberg. In my estate there are about 10,000 tenants. I would say, at a rough estimate, that one in every 10 tenants keeps a dog.

My main concerns are noise and safety.

If they are not looked after properly, these dogs will bark during the night and that makes it difficult for residents to sleep. Also, if they are not properly trained and controlled, they may attack small children.

The Housing Authority should look into this matter and impose tougher punishment on those who keep dogs. Those who break this rule a second time, should be fined or even have their rental contracts terminated, if they continue to ignore these warnings.