Batservice Mandal makes waves with hull design

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With groundbreaking design and innovation, Batservice Mandal has created some of the world's fastest and most powerful vessels.

"The hull lines are a key factor in our boat design, which we have developed for many years," says Bjorn Fjellhaugen, managing director of the Batservice Group.

The company's special hull design makes the boats lighter, faster and more economical as the vessels require smaller engines.

The use of carbon fibre instead of aluminium further cuts body weight by 40 per cent. With these innovations, the company was able to reduce overall fuel consumption by 57 per cent and carbon emissions by 66 per cent.

Batservice Mandal leverages the support of 16 sister companies to design and manufacture fully-customised boats. "Among the more than 1,000 vessels we have delivered the past 65 years, no two are the same," Fjellhaugen says.

Fjellhaugen recalls fulfilling an order from Vienna for a 30-metre, 100-seater boat that can run smoothly across the water at 30 knots.

Batservice Mandal also made for Greece the fastest 400-seater to come out of Norway. When the company delivered a 20-metre high-speed emergency response vessel to Iran, Batservice Mandal surprised the industry. A boat of that size normally could not go more than 35 knots but the SAR 20M runs at 44 knots.

Batservice Mandal is keen on finding agents in Hong Kong and working with shipyards on the mainland. It will not be the first time the company will be working in China.

Batservice Mandal exceeded client expectations when it provided the jury boats for the regattas during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The vessels have been running for about 7,000 hours yearly against the industry benchmark of 3,000 hours.

"Beijing wanted the highest quality and latest technology available," Fjellhaugen says. "It was a special task for us and we delivered." 

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