Andreas Mollatt, managing director, ConCordix

Ayanda breakthrough improves fish oil intake

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The body needs Omega-3 fatty acids to regulate tissue development, maintain normal blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Children and the elderly, however, have difficulty ingesting fish oil supplements because of its size and taste.

Ayanda Group, leading manufacturer of Omega-3 nutraceuticals, addresses the intake issue through ConCordix - a technological breakthrough in gel tablet production. ConCordix resolves common complaints on fish oil products, such as reflux and fishy taste.

A pioneer in Omega-3 research and production in Norway, Ayanda spent four years developing the ConCordix technology, producing chewable gel tablets as a delivery method for Omega-3.

"We're improving customers' experience in taking fish oil supplements," says Andreas Mollatt, managing director for ConCordix. "We give customers the healthiest and best-tasting fish oil supplement."

Ayanda assures quality and taste by decreasing oxidation of fatty acids in the manufacturing process. Clinical studies show absorption rates of Omega-3 oils in ConCordix reaching 44 per cent higher than in soft gel capsules.

Ayanda works closely with research institutes and clients to develop nutraceutical products. Omega-3 is combined with multivitamins and other fat-soluble substances to create supplements for specialised patient groups such as children and the elderly.


"We're widening the product range, adding new ingredients, flavours and colours. It's a healthier product because we don't add sugar," Mollatt says.

Omega-3 is gaining ground as an ingredient in skin product applications particularly in Asia. Already a market leader in Europe, Ayanda intends to expand its manufacturing unit in Asia in the midterm. It is tapping innovative and highly skilled marketing companies and distributors on the mainland to establish its presence in markets throughout the region, specifically South Korea.

"We make companies stand out. We're the only one providing this pure, high quality, great-tasting, patent-protected product from Norway. With the right partners, we can penetrate the market quickly," Mollatt says.

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