Buy a mug, save a species

Tom Hilditch

GREAT news: a magnificent opportunity to preserve the memory of one of nature's most lovable endangered species - the beautiful baiji dolphin. And make money! With less than 100 dolphins left in China's Yangtze River and no business corporations willing to shell out the $3 million it would take to save them, China's 'living fossils' are sure to become extinct within the next few years.

To commemorate this unique moment in natural history, Exploitamug has created an enduring tribute to the species - a elegantly crafted, limited edition mug that will ensure the memory of this beautiful dolphin lives on long after the species.

But hurry. Once all the baiji have died, the offer closes.

This is more than a once in a lifetime opportunity. The human race has waited over 50 million years for this moment. So order now, a species cannot die twice.

And remember, as the baiji population dwindles the value of your mug will sky-rocket.

Investors who miss this chance will be denying their children and their children's children the opportunity to enjoy what was once one of China's most prized and beloved animals.

Exploitamug urges everyone who cares about nature to act now. Because once they are gone, they are gone.