Corrupt cadres jailed and sacked

Agnes Cheung

MORE cadres have been punished for corruption and embezzling public funds, with their punishments ranging from a suspended death sentence to the loss of their jobs.

The China News Service reported over the weekend that a dozen cadres from Hubei, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces had been sentenced or sacked.

The latest catch was Wang Yechun, former head of personnel for Anhui's Education Commission. According to the news service, Wang was fired after he was found to have squandered more than 280,000 yuan (HK$260,680) of public money.

Over 14 months, the agency said, Wang feted his subordinates in 56 restaurants 163 times, spending at least 45,000 yuan of public money.

In 1993, they embezzled 180,000 yuan of government money.

But the report did not explain why Wang and his colleagues were able to escape prosecution.


A suspended death penalty has been meted out to a former salesman for the municipal metal corporation in Wenzhou, Zhejiang.

Tang Zhengrong was sentenced to death after he was found guilty of corruption, embezzling public funds and gambling. The penalty was suspended for two years.

Wenzhou cadres Wang Kehua, a deputy manager of the Agricultural Bank, and policeman Zheng Jianzhong were also jailed for taking bribes.

In Hubei, junior cadre Zhao Dehua received a 13-year sentence for accepting about 60,000 yuan in bribes.


The agency said Zhao, formerly in charge of a development zone in Huangmei county, Hubei, had been found guilty of corruption.

Two other development zone cadres, Zhou Jihong and Wang Heguo, were sentenced along with Zhao. Zhou was given an 18-year sentence for taking 72,000 yuan in bribes and Wang was given 15 years for pocketing 57,000 yuan.