Simple truth about AIDS

I REFER to Dr Rose Ong's column (South China Morning Post, May 31) where, in reply to a correspondent's query regarding the link between AIDS and oral sex, she generally discounted the possibility but concluded by stating that 'the only foolproof way to avoid AIDS is abstinence'.

I think that Dr Rose is doing a great disservice to a large chunk of the population who do not inject themselves with drugs or who practise monogamy (be it homosexually or heterosexually).

My wife (or you could say partner) and I fall into the above category. We can indulge in sex in any conceivable shape or form either with or without a condom. We are not going to contract AIDS in a million years.

I apologise to anyone who is either shocked by my complacency or offended by my 'normality', but I would suggest that people in high risk groups take a long look at themselves to find the simple solution to the problem of AIDS.

The vast amounts of money directed to AIDS research would be better spent by diverting it to those who contracted the disease through no fault of their own, such as those born with the disease via infected parents or through tainted blood transfusions.

A. WILLIAMS New Territories