Stores must try harder

I REFER to the letter from the Operations Director of Wellcome Co. Ltd, David Young, which appeared in the South China Morning Post, on June 5.

The letter referred to an earlier letter from a Johnny Cheung, which appeared in the Post, on May 30, who rightly stated that the plastic bag 'problem needs solving'.

I applaud Wellcome's attempts to launch environmental initiatives over the years and agree that each and every person in Hong Kong should do more to prevent the growing environmental mess this city wallows in.

However, large supermarket chains and other stores must try harder than most. The staff of all retail outlets should be trained to always ask customers if a bag is needed.

May I suggest a positive action for both large supermarket chains to show their concern for the environment.

For one day or, if possible, for one week to hand to every customer a cloth bag - free of charge.

The bag can carry the supermarket's name and a request for the bag to be used for each shopping trip.

This together with good staff training would help to educate the public.

CAROL LEWIS Shouson Hill