Straying off the dog issue

I REFER to the letter headlined, 'How to fend off angry dogs' (South China Morning Post, June 7), in response to my letter headlined 'Law's bark is no worse than dog's bite' (Post, May 30).

I just want to make a few points clear. I do carry a stick as do most morning walkers who use the same road and route.

I have been jogging for over a year using the same route. I am not afraid of dogs, in fact, I pass through packs of strays every day.

I was not actually bitten because I was afraid, but there are people who will understandably be afraid, especially when a big dog suddenly comes running out of a house and jumps at them. I am particularly concerned about old people and children.

These domestic dogs are certainly not doing their 'job' by guarding the public footpath.

If that is the job of these dogs then the owners must be either the Royal Hong Kong Police or the Agricultural and Fisheries Department.

And in the present case neither of the two departments are the owners of these dogs, but, they (the two departments) have a responsibility to protect the public, from these unruly and dangerous animals, who regularly roam the public footpaths and nature trials.

DR S. V. R. RAO Kowloon