Brave trio help cops in chase

THREE schoolboys who went to make deposits in the bank got back to school later than expected. But their excuse made a story straight out of an action thriller.

The lads happened to be in the bank when a raider demanded $100,000 and threatened to set the bank on fire. The boys joined in the chase and overpowered the man. The young heroes said they were not worried about their safety - they just felt they had to do their duty.

In the meantime, swimmers were on maximum alert after two people were attacked and killed by a shark near Silverstrand Beach. Shark fears did not, however, dampen enthusiasm at the dragon boat races.

Jumbo-size prop . . . James Langham, head property man for The Phantom of the Opera, supervises the assembling of a four-metre tall elephant (right) backstage at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre's Grand Theatre. Search operation . . . policemen (right) swoop on illegal immigrants at the Sheung Shui temporary housing area. One II was hurt in an incident with a policeman during a border patrol on the banks of the Ng Tung River, near the Lowu railway line in Sheung Shui, a common area for people attempting to cross into Hong Kong.

Heroes . . . (from left) three Form Three students - Chan Chi-wing, 14, Yeung Chun-kit, 15 and Chan Wing-sum, 15 - overpowered a man who threatened to set fire to a bank in Mongkok. The schoolboys point to the smashed bottle of inflammable liquid the man was carrying. Serving ecology . . . a restaurant owner turns away Friends of the Earth members (left) campaigning against the use of styrofoam food containers. The group distributed placards among restaurants that were willing to join in the bid to raise awareness of recycling.