Mercy plea wins light sentence

A YOUNG woman's plea for mercy for her burglar boyfriend moved a judge yesterday to give him a light sentence.

Leung Ka-mei, 21, wrote to Judge Chua urging her to give her boyfriend a chance to make a new start in life.

The student wrote: 'I support my boyfriend and he is remorseful. I have known him for quite some time. I will lead him to start a new life after he is released. Please give him a lenient sentence.' Judge Chua, sitting in the District Court, said she was impressed by the letter, adding Ms Leung was a mature and intelligent woman.

Wong Tsz-ming, 26, admitted a burglary committed in November - which would usually attract a three-year term - and was sentenced to nine months' jail.

His accomplice, Ho Chi-ming, 20, who also admitted burglary, was sent to a detention centre.