Quotes of the Week

'With last Friday's Sino-British deal on our Court of Final Appeal the sun has set in shame on the British Empire.' - Martin Lee Chu-ming's reaction to the legal deal between Britain and China.

'He is a brave and decent man but on this occasion he has a rotten case' - Chris Patten's view of the criticism.

'Those statements were made in good faith. I hope you will take my word for that' - Baroness Dunn, asking that her previous protestations of loyalty to the territory be understood as she announced her departure for London and her stepping down from Exco. She would, she said, leave her heart in Hong Kong.

'We spent 18 months planning the flight. It seems the wind has come unprepared.' - Pro-China businessman David Chu, after a bumpy start to his paragliding odyssey to Beijing left him flat in his back. A later take-off was successful.