Lady's Caddie is no buyer's dream

Naomi Lee

LADY DUNN may have trouble finding a buyer for her famous white Cadillac, assuming she doesn't take it with her when she moves to England in January.

The huge, chauffeur-driven car was imported from the US and Dah Chong Hong, which gave up dealing in the model 10 years ago, has been responsible for maintaining it.

That sometimes took months, because of the time needed to import spare parts.

The company's sales manager, Michael Kwok Shum-shing, said the Cadillac had little market value because of high maintenance costs and high petrol consumption.

'It's not suitable for Hong Kong. It's old-fashioned and expensive to maintain. It's really for the personal taste of the rich only,' he said, adding that the company would 'definitely not' buy the car.

'It might be a good idea to donate it to some kind of exhibition or sell it to companies that make movies,' he said.

Lady Dunn's secretary said she had no idea what the baroness planned to do with the car.

Lady Dunn announced on Thursday that she was resigning as senior Executive Councillor and moving to England.