Essential water mains work nearly over

I REFER to the letter headlined 'Frustration' (South China Morning Post, June 5).

The work being carried out in the area referred to is part of a major project to improve the Tseung Kwan O hinterland (south) water supply system and meet the increasing demand for fresh water in the rapidly developing new town and Sai Kung areas.

The laying of these water mains is not intended to replace any of the existing mains.

The date marked on the information boards located at both ends of the excavated pipe trench indicates the expiry date of the excavation permit issued by the Highways Department to ensure that the contractor is only allowed to occupy a certain section of the carriageway at any one time and to minimise inconvenience to the public.

In fact, we are also very concerned about traffic conditions along Clear Water Bay Road and site staff have been constantly monitoring the situation since last summer, particularly during weekends and public holidays.

In case of an emergency, the traffic signal can be manually operated to suit the actual traffic conditions.

Covering of the excavated trench is not recommended for reasons of safety and noise.

Furthermore, this will delay the completion of the contract and thus cause further inconvenience to road users.

The whole project is expected to be completed in August 1995, two months ahead of the original completion date.

If your correspondent needs any further information, he can contact me by telephoning 2354-5020.

Y. Y. TANG for Chief Engineer/Construction Water Supplies Department