Colour monitors offer digital convergence

ONE of Hong Kong's leading computer peripheral companies, Laser Computer, will be displaying some of its latest monitors and printers at the AutoCAD Resources Show '95, being held this week.

Laser Computer markets EIZO colour monitors ranging in size from 15 to 21 inches.

These monitors feature digital convergence, moire reduction, PowerManager, ScreenManager and ScreenManager Pro, and colour control system.

The ink-jet plotters Novajet III and CADJET Wide-format from ENCAD are intended for the design and graphics market. A multiple-pass method is employed in these plotters to eliminate banding and to improve drying.

Advanced features include a 50-foot long plot and media handling system.

With 300 ? 300 or 600 ? 300 dots-per-inch resolution, the Novajet III is a convenient tool for fine line drawings and photorealistic colour images.

The CADJET features fast plotting and professional monochrome and colour line drawings.

In addition, the printer also supports colour 'spot' fills.

There are also a range of high-performance disk drives to run sophisticated software applications.

With its advanced ATA, SCSI and ASA-II architecture, the Seagate drives offer up to nine gigabytes of storage capacity at 7200 rpm performance in compact 2.5', 3.5' and 5.25' disk sizes.

A maximum five-year warranty is offered for buyers.

In order to ensure compatibility between PCs, peripherals and software, there are advanced SCSI host adapters as well.

Empowered by PhaseEngine RISC processor, the easy-to-use Adapted SCSI Host Adapter supports up to seven SCSI peripherals and provides maximum 10MB per second transfer rate.

Adapted host adapter is ideal for a wide range of popular applications from multitasking and multimedia, to image management and desktop publishing.

Laser Computer offers a range of modems as well.

MultiTech's MultiModem ZDX desktop modem and MultiModemLT PCMCIA modems offer up to 28,800bps data transfer and 14,400bps fax transmission even with unstable and noisy line conditions.

Error correction and data compression ensure the integrity of data transmissions.