Young people need help

WE should take care of our children and try to understand the problems which they are suffering from.

It is necessary for both parents and schools to play important roles in helping young people. Suicides among young people are on the increase and we have to try to find out why so many young people are taking their lives.

Parents have a crucial role to play. It is not just important to take care of our children's health. Parents also have to consider their children's feelings.

Children have to be helped so that they can grow up properly, become responsible and mature adults and face the future with confidence.

A school is a larger form of family for a child. Teachers, social workers and friends are important in the life of a young person. They can help young people to face their problems.

It is important that there should be lots of activities for young people, so they can learn to participate in society and develop in a positive way. Useful activities are good for children. They help them realise how they can play useful roles in society and make a positive contribution to that society.

The Government must do more to address the problem of suicide among young people. Many parents are too busy earning a living, teachers and social workers are over-worked. The Government must set up a special panel to handle these cases and hopefully reduce suicides.