Society told to be more open

THE Housing Society has been told to become more open and allow closer public scrutiny.

Albert Chan Wai-yip of the Democratic Party won the support of the chamber with his motion urging greater accountability.

Mr Chan said although the society provided accommodation for 140,000 people, the public was unable to monitor its policy formulation and operation.

As a publicly-subsidised body - land is granted at concessionary rates and the society receives low-interest loans - it should be more accountable to the public, he said.

'Tenants living in the Housing Society's estates have no idea how it comes up with its policy on rent. And tenants don't know their estates will be redeveloped until three months before their estates are torn down,' he said.

Both Mr Chan and Legislator Frederick Fung Kin-kee of the Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood urged the society to open up its executive committee meetings.

Housing Secretary Dominic Wong Shing-wah said the society had started to become more open by inviting four government officials to become members of its executive committee.