Report on Disco Bay inaccurate

THE article in Sunday Money (May 21) on Discovery Bay contains a number of inaccuracies, some of which are serious.

The reporter states that Hong Kong Resort Co has recently offered employees flats at discount prices. This is completely untrue.

It is reported that transport links may have reached saturation point.

In fact, the ferry service will have ample capacity for the population [of Discovery Bay], including those who will move into the new housing units which are under construction. In February, a 500-seat catamaran was introduced on the Discovery Bay to Central route and two more will be delivered during the year.

In a few years' time, Discovery Bay will not have to rely solely on the ferries when the infrastructure link with the north Lantau road system - for which we have received approval in principle from the Government - is completed.

The reporter states that the construction of container Terminals 10 and 11 will add 15 minutes to the ferry journey because the route will be changed to navigate around Peng Chau.

There will be no need to go around Peng Chau and, even during construction of the terminals, it is not expected that the journey time will increase by more than two to three minutes.

The use of quotations from HKR International's managing director, Payson Cha, is highly selective to say the least.

Contrary to the impression given by the article, Mr Cha is positive about the property market and believes HKR has a very strong partner in CITIC Pacific - which owns 50 per cent of Hong Kong Resort Co.

Discovery Bay continues to provide a good quality of life for nearly 12,000 people, largely young families, who have decided to make it their home.

CISSY LAM Public Relations Department HKR International