Openness move by advisers to ICAC

Quinton Chan

AN ICAC advisory body is to take an unprecedented step to increase its openness.

The chairman of the Advisory Committee on Corruption, Professor Felice Lieh-Mak, proposed at a meeting last week to hold regular briefings and issue press releases about its work.

However, the agenda, minutes and documents of meetings will remain confidential.

Professor Lieh-Mak also suggested having cross-membership between all four Independent Commission Against Corruption advisory bodies. The ideas have been well-received by members.

The 10-member committee is responsible for reviewing ICAC policies, considering its annual estimates and reporting to the Governor.

The proposal was in response to similar suggestions made in the ICAC Review Committee's report published last December after the sacking of commission deputy director of operations Alex Tsui Ka-kit.

'It is a small but positive step,' said member Chung Pui-lam.