Pleased with new counters

I DON'T think there is anything wrong or racist (as claimed by P.A.H. Scholz, South China Morning Post, June 24) in the Hong Kong Immigration Department setting up counters to serve Hong Kong residents with permanent identity cards.

I feel proud to join this queue just as Americans feel when they are returning home to line up at 'US Citizen Only' immigration counters.

From my observations, Hong Kong immigration officers seldom turn people away when they have lined up at the 'wrong' counters. I don't mind this delay because it's a matter of good faith. I doubt if an American immigration officer would process an 'alien' if he lined up at the 'US Citizen Only' counter.

However, the Immigration Department should clearly post the '***' sign at the specific counter serving solely holders of permanent resident identity cards, who can get through immigration, by simply showing the card.

Then there should be another counter for Hong Kong residents who need to show their card and other travel documents.