Killer wrote of wanting to be with girlfriend forever

A JEALOUS lover strangled his girlfriend just three days after writing her a romantic note swearing to love her forever 'no matter how the world changes'.

The message was among a handful of sentimental letters and poems Wong Wah-sing, 24, wrote to Chan Wai-man, 27, during their affair, the High Court heard yesterday.

Wong killed Chan by pressing on her neck for up to 15 minutes after she returned from a weekend with her ex-boyfriend of nine years, Leung Wai-fung.

The sauna worker admits manslaughter, but denies murder. He claims he acted under provocation after Chan confessed she had slept with Mr Leung.

Wong told the jury he even thought he heard the couple having sex over the phone when he called Chan during the weekend.

The court heard Wong lashed out at his girlfriend shortly after making love to her at their Cheung Chau flat in the early hours of November 14 last year.


Yesterday he admitted he was 'a little' jealous, but denied he wanted to kill her.

He said: 'I was out of control when I pressed on her neck. What she said provoked me. After I let go I was frightened.' The jury was shown a collection of love letters and poems Wong had sent Chan during their three-month relationship.

One written three weeks before her death said: 'I cannot get you out of my mind. I will never forget the happy days . . . together. I really do not want to part from you. I love you forever, I hope we can be together forever.' In another Wong signed himself by his nickname 'Dog Star' and told Chan: 'I really cherish you.' In a message written in English just days before he killed her, he said: 'I will always love you. I will wait for you no matter how the world changes.' Chan started seeing Wong after her relationship with Mr Leung, 30, finished in August last year. The couple took out a year's lease on a flat the following month.

But Chan was worried about Wong's lack of steady income and drinking.


In October she started working as a clerk at Mr Leung's printing and design company.

On the weekend of her death, Chan went over to see her former love for an all-night game of mahjong at his home in Shekkipmei.


Wong told the jury that when he called Chan on the Sunday he thought she and Mr Leung were having sex.

The trial, before Mr Justice Gall, continues.