Mats Jungar, CEO

Elematic establishes largest mainland precast technology company

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Precast concrete is increasingly gaining appreciation on the mainland as construction activities continue to flourish. Riding on the market boom, leading precast technology provider Elematic has collaborated with China Triumph International Engineering Co (CTIEC) to form the largest precast technology supplier on the mainland. Elematic will provide the technical know-how while CTIEC will lend its local expertise.

Serving about 100 countries for more than 50 years, Elematic has delivered approximately 3,600 precast production lines and software for precasting concrete walls, floors and supporting structures for all building types. The company captures about 40 per cent of the global market, supporting clients across their whole business chain including precast companies and construction majors such as Hanwha, Samsung and Hyundai.

"We've long served the Asian market and now we're breaking through to China," says Elematic CEO Mats Jungar. "Developers who are not yet using precast concrete are missing out big on savings, quality and sustainability."

By all standards, precast beats concrete traditionally mixed onsite. Precast technology can cut cement use in building construction by 40 per cent, steel input by 50 per cent and project schedule by 60 per cent. The impact on environmental protection is significant as cement production, for example, creates a corresponding amount of carbon dioxide. The simpler assembly process associated with precast elements also promotes labour safety onsite.

The machines speak for themselves. With technology that eliminates vibrations, Elematic's equipment last for about 30 years. The company has also developed a patented technology for compacting concrete. The result is a longer lifespan of more than 70 years for buildings and houses - well beyond the average 21 years for apartments built on the mainland.

"Considering the huge amount of construction activities in China, imagine how much the country will gain by shifting to precast concrete," Jungar says.