Detection Technology creates clever digital X-ray solutions

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Economic development, rapid industrialisation and ageing populations have placed inevitable strain on Asia's medical, security and industrial equipment requirements. These factors, along with investments pouring into Asia's developing economies, are driving the need for high-quality and cost-efficient products to support the growth of health care and security industries.

Focused on improving people's health and safety, global X-ray components and systems provider Detection Technology addresses Asia's demand for high-performance health care imaging equipment, security detector solutions and industrial quality management scanners for various industries.

"We are like the eyes that see through different products and things," says president and CEO Hannu Martola. "Our X-ray technology applications are accurate, digital, cost-effective and the data they produce is easy to manage and manipulate."

Detection Technology designs X-ray imaging components and subsystems used in medical equipment such as computed tomography (CT), mammography and chest X-ray. It manufactures and markets security systems for body screening, parcel or baggage inspection including instruments for industrial applications such as food scanning, non-destructive testing, waste sorting and oil and gas infrastructure inspection.

The company develops and produces its own supercharged silicon photodiodes and radiation detectors through its research and development (R&D) centres located in Finland and on the mainland. It combines Finnish and Chinese hi-tech design with its advanced manufacturing facilities and customer service in Finland, the United States, Hong Kong and Beijing.

"Customer perspectives are used to develop our X-ray technology and service offerings," Martola says. "We convert customers' hidden and known needs to offerings and provide long-term service. Our success depends on our customers' long-term success." From supplying only 20 clients in 2008, Detection Technology serves 140 customers worldwide. Most of the leading original equipment manufacturers in medical, security and industrial areas rely on Detection Technology's competence. With annual sales reaching more than US$40 million, the company enjoys a 30 per cent annual growth rate with more than 30 per cent of total sales from the mainland.

Expecting further growth, the company partners with industry players and device manufacturers on the mainland and in Southeast Asia. It opened an additional 1,200-square-metre facility in Beijing to manage its global customers better. Employing 250 staff worldwide in five locations, it reinforced its engineering pool to support its R&D activities.

"We use the best of Finnish and Chinese cultures and systems - the Finnish discipline for project management and the Chinese creativity and innovation to create clever things," Martola says. "Our technology helps businesses grow. There's a lot of value in seeing through."